Photo by Poul-Werner Dam
Brittany - the sailor's choice
By: Awa Fijołek
Even the most seasoned and insensitive to homesickness seadog needs to complement reserves of food and bevarages, take a walk on the stable ground and see new faces and landscapes. Naturally, a view of waving water all day round in the vibrant light of the raising sun and a deep navy blue after twilight can remain the symbol of a perfect beauty, but we are all human beings, who need to spend some time with people out of a board, what is possible when you leave your boat in a harbor. On another hand, you dont have to be a profesional or half-profesional sailor to find a real pleasure in hanging out next to the sea or a river.

There are hundreds of types of boatyards, as different as every single member of a crew. A port can be stinky as a bucket of pig swill, measured equally as pants in a locker, colorful like a sunset over your town in July or noisy and overcrowded. It is necessary to underline the fact, that all of these huge, city or industrial boatyards have mostly pragmatic use and offer purely practical opportunities to eke out technical problems of a ship, fulfil deserted pantries and refresh contents of a first-aid-kit. However important are all issues connected with food and safety, there exist also a psychological advantages of all these hours spend on a ground. Thats why you should find a perticular, magical place where you can charge batteries responsible for mental force and a cosy marina seems to be a perfect answer to your needs.

A marina is always unique, linking place between a liquidness and a stable ground, like a gate and a passage to another world. If you float, without any doubt you know this mysterious pleasure of making the first step on a terra after many hours or days you spend on water. It reminds the first touch with a person you havent seen for a long time. No matter if it happens in a huge sea port or a falling to pieces, wooden platform on a lake, this sense of touching the ground stays the same. At the same time, if you come from a land, you can just fall in love with the first blast of wind which comes off the water and it doesnt matter if its a river, a lake or an ocean. The smell is always a mix of a mud, sand and a different plants, sometimes its fresh, sometimes rotten, but its always individual for each space.

Please notice, that there are different kind of marinas, but all of them has a common aim, which is giving broadly understood pleasure to people. Naturally, marinas should provide and answer needs of sailors, both profesionals and amateurs, but in many cases it is a perfect location for a hotel or fancy restaurant. Then marinas become an entertainment center of a city and very often an exlusive place to be for fashion followers, what can be easily seen in the sea-cities like Tel Aviv and urban centers located next to a river, like Vienna or Moscow. Then, this kind of a port become a particular component of an architecture and an alived element of a lifestyle, which is impossible to imitate and different in all cities all over the world. This special, friendly location of some marinas, with comfortable access to the most important streets in a city and unlimited view on a watery area, is a convenient solution for all of these, who would like to stay on the boat or yacht for longer time.

There exist a cultural and maybe a bit clichéd picture in which marina occurs as an idyll and a symbol of constant holidays. It remains an unrevealed secret why so many tourists need to take photos next to a boatyard and why they dont treat airports or car parkings with the same attention and tenderness. Naturally, it is hard to ignore an aesthethic features of boatyards and many artists have won immortality thanks to the colorful and romantic visions of marinas which they have left on canvas. But there has to be this subcutaneous, easily catched aspect of a water horizon and boats moored next to the bridge, if so many people, hardly insensitive to an art and beauty, need to keep such picture as a holidays souvenir.

And the last, but maybe not least – it totally doesnt matter if a boatyard is located next to a green pond, full of weird, a bit stinky plants or next to a fancy beach and a luxury hotel. It always has something interesting to offer and you are the person who can fall in love with that decide how much pleasure can take.